Authentic Connection With Keynote Speaker Ray Abram

Ray will give you and your team an experience that will get them talking and excited to network and build real connections. An experienced speaker and author, Ray's presentations will put a spark into your event by providing tips, tools and strategies that will make even the most introverted attendee feel like they too can become a great networker. 

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You Too Can Become A Great Networker

In today super connected world the only way to get things done is through collaboration.  However, many people and organizations were brought up in hierarchical structures where management just told everyone what to do.  That old way of doing business just doesn't work anymore. Instead of thinking of workers as cogs in a machine we have to think of them as nodes in a network.  This new way of working requires a new way of thinking. Organizations that know how to collaborate effectively have a distinct advantage over those that don't. 

Collaboration requires connectedness.  And not just the social media kind. Real authentic connections between people will be the rocket fuel that will drive companies into the future. Teaching people how to network effectively can be the competitive advantage you've been looking for.

Keynote Speaking

Small groups or large, Ray will deliver an entertaining and enlightening speech that will have your attendees smiling while they  learn and get motivated to take action.

Courses & Workshops

Ray can help your team learn better ways to connect and collaborate. Virtual or In person. Multi-day, Full day & Half-Day workshops available depending on your needs.

1:1 Coaching

You too can become a great networker! If you want some 1 on 1 time to work on personally developing your network , Ray is here for you. 

Featured Keynote Presentations


We've all heard the term, Know, Like and Trust.  We know it's important, but how can you create it or increase it?  Our careers are dependent on being known, liked and trusted by the right people.  With something so important you would think there would be college courses about it, but there is limited information on how to build know, like and trust effectively.

In this information packed presentation, Ray will show your audience the action steps they each can take to become better networkers and collaborators.  


Networking.  A word that fills the bravest souls with fear and dread. The thought of intentionally walking into a darkened room full of strangers sounds like the opening scene of a horror movie, but it doesn't have to be that way.  The reason why so many people find networking distasteful is because they are doing it all wrong. 

In this speech, Ray walks through the step by step process that business people at all levels of their career can use to become good or even great networkers. Your audience will learn how to approach other attendees, make meaningful small talk, and when/how to follow up. 


People tell me all the time that their "networking is not-working".  Generally the problem is that they lack strategy on the types of people in their network.  Just because you know someone doesn't make them a good connection. Just like a string of Christmas lights, one bad bulb can make the rest of the string not work properly.  Ray teaches that a network needs to be planned, tended and cultivated, just like a garden. 

If your network is not bearing the fruit you need to have a happy successful life, then you must hear this speech to learn how you too can become a great networker.


I'm Ray Abram

Ray is an author, speaker, and workshop creator.
After many years in business, Ray decided to take his learnings about networking to sales organizations around the world.

Ray’s message comes from his realization that everyone has heard the term know, like, trust. However, no one ever tells you how to “do it”. We’re all taught from childhood, that people either like you and trust you or they don’t. So we just focus on the “know” part of the phrase and let the cards fall where they may. Ray wants to change this misconception and has dedicated his career to teaching people that "You Too Can Become A Great Networker".

Known as “The Connection Coach”, he provides audiences worldwide with interesting and thought-provoking ideas around new ways to define and build your network quickly and efficiently.

Ray earned his BA in Speech Communications from Hampton University in Virginia and is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and sales professionals. He is the author of the bestselling book, “Connect Like A Boss”.  

He hails from the Tidewater area of Virginia and currently lives in Atlanta, GA with his Wife and Three Sons.