How To Tell If Someone Really Likes You Or Not

Recently I posted a video on youtube on how to tell if someone really likes you or not. As you know, networking is really about getting people to know, like and trust you. But how can you tell if someone likes you or not. Here’s a clue, it’s written all over their face. Literally. Every emotion you feel, even the slightest ones, have a corresponding facial expression. While you may think you do a good job of hiding them, there is something called the microexpression that will reveal how you really feel inside.

Microexpressions are subtle facial movements that are happening constantly across your face. And if you know how to read them, you can have an advantage in negotiating salaries and business deals. Or maybe just get some insight on why a person says one thing, yet does another. The TV show, “Lie To Me” was based on this science. Check out the video to learn more.

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