Do You Hate Selling?
Build A Strong Personal Network 
And Never Have To Sell Again
Nationally known as The Connector, Ray has spent his life developing relationships and learning the art and science behind building, maximizing and monetizing connections. Now he wants to share his techniques with you.
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Relationship Marketing
Are you looking to create long-term customer engagement rather than shorter-term goals like customer acquisition and individual sales.
Strategic Planning.
Do you need a plan to organize your customers and prospects to keep your pipeline full of referrals and repeat business.
Are you interested in having Ray speak to your group or have one-on-one coaching to address your particular growth areas.
"Your Personal Network Is Your Most Valuable Asset. You must Tend and Grow It Just Like Your Other Assets"
~Ray Abram ~
The Power Networkers Handbook
Learn How To Maximize and Monetize Your Personal Network So You Never Have To "Sell" Again. 
  • Networking Events: Make the most out of every networking event you attend
  • Business Cards: Learn Why Business Cards Are Still An Important Tool
  • Seven Oceans Strategy: Who Should Be In Your Network and Why
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