Rhonda Morgan – Super Connector Of The Week

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This week our Super Connector Award goes to Rhonda Morgan of The Morgan Home Team. This Real Estate professional has served the Atlanta area as a broker for over 15 years and has used her ability to network and connect with people throughout the area to help hundreds of residents find their perfect home.

We sat down with Rhonda to ask her about how she builds and maintains her vast network.

How important is your personal network to your business?  Having a large personal network is important in my line of work because people buy from people that they like and make referrals to people that they like.  People have lots of options in this market so having a personal relationship with customers is critical to repeat business and referrals.


Where/How do you meet people?  I meet people pretty much everywhere.  The key is not being a secret agent.  Make sure that everyone knows what you do.  I always try to find a way to bring real estate up that is not awkward or uncomfortable.  I may start a conversation with “days like today, I love my job”, which naturally leads the other person to ask, “so what do you do”. Whatever the situation, I always find a way to bring up real estate to people in my network.


 What are some tips you can give on how to maintain and grow a strong network?  First, I make sure the person I just met remembers me.  I try to say something during the conversation that will jog their memory when I reach back out to them. Next, I make sure to follow up within 24 hours.  People have a short attention span so, I make sure I touch base with them quickly.  Also, when I touch base with them I try to provide some immediate value even if it’s not real estate related. I recently met a lady who asked me about my FitBit, when I got home I sent her some information I had found online.  She appreciated it and it showed that my first intention is to help others instead of just being interested in someone who is ready to buy a house. I believe that a major key needed to maintain a strong network is to be a giver. One last thing is to become an expert in your craft.  If people see you as a valuable source of information they will readily reach out to you when they have a need. Take classes and read as much information about your profession as you can.  Lastly, don’t be afraid to network with other agents and brokers.  You never know where your next referral will come from. Sometimes another agent may be out of town or too busy to show a property.  If you have that relationship it could lead to a referral and a sale.
How can people reach you?

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