A Basket Full Of Blank Checks

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Do you have a bunch of blank checks laying around your home or office? Before you say “no, silly, of course not”. Take a look at where you keep the stack of business cards we all have laying around. Now imagine that each one of those cards was a blank check and the only way to cash in would be to follow up with that person.

I know, I know… You totally meant to reach out to this person tomorrow, you just didn’t get a chance. This is why you must change your mindset about the value of a business card. Exchanging cards must be more than just a pleasantry we perform at networking events. Cards are the key to following up, which in turn is the key to sales and cash.

Many of you are sarcastically saying that I don’t hand out cards any more because they are old school and they don’t work anyway. If you are like most, your experience is that you have never received a call from a prospective customer in response to business card you handed them. That doesn’t mean that cards don’t work, just that we all have been using them wrong.

The old way to think of business cards was like an advertisement for your business or service. There was a time when this was effective, however, in this modern era when we are bombarded with hundreds or even thousands of advertisements every day, your little business card is probably not going to break through the clutter. A better way to think of a card is simply as a lead magnet to get a potential customers information. Yes, I know many people just use phones, but have you ever tried to enter a business email address during a quick conversation. Good luck with True, you can only capture their phone number to text later, but this method is highly inefficient for business conversations.

Hey this is Ray from last night, wyd? Might be great for personal interactions, but leaves a lot to be desired for business purposes. Of course you can call them, but as we all know a call from an unknown number will likely go to voicemail. For business interactions and follow up, email is still king and the best way to get someones email address is from a business card.

The real key to this is that once you have the card, you must, must, must use it. Reach out to that person even if you don’t think they will be a good contact for you. you never know who they may know, or if they will become a better contact in the future. Every card is potentially that one customer or resource you may need in the future. Every card is potentially a blank check.

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